Without Images


Curriculum Vitae

Rosamunde Bordo



2020         MFA in Visual Arts, the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

2014         BA Honours (Liberal Arts /Print Media), Concordia University, Montréal, QC

2010         Foundation Year Program (FYP), University of King’s College, Halifax, NS


Solo and two-person exhibitions

2023         The Relationship Without Images, PoMoArts, Port Moody, BC

2022         No Value Added with Sol Hashemi, OK Time, Vancouver, BC

2017         DEÇÀ DELÀ with Laurence Pilon, Ymuno Exhibitions, Montréal, QC

                 Filiation, Galerie des membres, Atelier Circulaire, Montréal. QC


Selected Group Exhibitions

2022        Faculty & Staff Exhibition, AHVA Gallery, UBC, Vancouver, BC

2020        One Sentence Too Many One Word Too Few, Morris & Helen Belkin Gallery, Vancouver

                 Jelena and the Magic Flute, CSA space, Vancouver, BC

2019        Morale Ambiguity, AHVA Gallery, Vancouver, BC

2018        Dans les Traces de Dumouchel, Maison Hamel-Bruneau, Québec city, QC

2016        Dans les Traces de Dumouchel, Salle de Diffusion Parc Extension, Montréal, QC

                 50 Artistes/ 50 Gravures, Maison de culture Eulalie-Durocher, Saint Antoine-sur-   Richelieu, QC

                 La Relève des Arts Imprimés, Galerie Circulaire, Montréal, QC

2014        Impressed, Galerie Alain Piroir, Montréal, QC

                 International Mail Art Exhibition, Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, B.C

2013        Concordia Print Association Exhibition, VAV Gallery, Montréal, QC

                 Splash, Galerie Alain Piroir, Montréal, QC

                 Inventory of Memory, Mouseprint Gallery, Montréal, QC

2012        In Advance of a Broken Man, Les Ateliers Jean-Brillant, Montréal, QC

                 Le Festival St-Ambroise, Studio Beluga, Montréal, QC


Grants, Awards and Distinctions

2023          Kwi Am Choi Exhibition Scholarship, PoMoArts, Port Moody, BC

2021         Research & Creation Grant, Explore & Create, Canada Council for the Arts

2020         Andrew MacIntosh Memorial Book Writing Prize, MFA Visual Art, UBC

                  B.C. Binning Memorial Fellowship, University of British Columbia

                  Joan Wright HASSELL Prize in Visual Arts, UBC

2019         The Audain Travel Award, Audain Foundation

                  B.C. Binning Memorial Fellowship, University of British Columbia

                  Helen Pitt Graduate Award in Fine Arts, University of British Columbia

                  Arts Graduate Research Award, University of British Columbia

2018         Graduate Support Initiative Scholarship, University of British Columbia

2017         Project Grant, Jeunes Volontaires, Emploi Québec

2016         Emerging Artist Bursary for Printmakers, Atelier Circulaire

2014         Insertion Project, Atelier GRAFF


Artist Residencies

2023         Tools for Change, Makerlabs, Vancouver, BC

2019         Performing Arts Forum, St-Erme, France

2018         Fyns Grafiske Vaerksted, Odense, Denmark

2015- 16  Studio residency, Emerging Artist Bursary, Atelier Circulaire, Montréal, QC

2014         Studio residency, Insertion Project, Atelier GRAFF, Montréal, QC


Press & Reviews

2023        Janice Cleugh, Tricity News, “Star Wars art, magic show and May Days: It's a busy month in the Tri-Cities,” May 4

                Tricity News, “Artist of the Week: Rosamunde Bordo” May 3 (print)

2020        Phare Ouest, Interview with Julie Landry, Radio-Canada (August 11, 2020)

2020        Moe Kirkpatrick, “A list of Museums and Galleries you can now safely visit this summer,” July 19

                Shawn Conner, Vancouver Sun, “Then and now: The world in view,” Jun 19

2019        Canadianart, “Vancouver Artist Stan Douglas Wins $100,000 Audain Prize,” Sept 24                    

2017       “Two Artists, Two Mediums, One Exhibition” by Chloë Lalonde, The Concordian, Arts section, November 28, 2017


Published Writing by the Artist

2022        “Marty Katzoff’s Mishkan: The Light Within the Shell,” Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver:  Print.

                “Thought Images for Sol Hashemi’s Technical Objects” for exhibition “After Petal Fall Spray” by Sol Hashemi, Veronica, Seattle, WA : Web.


2021       “Kvass.” Excerpt from Baker’s Dozen by Sol Hashemi, Artspeak, Vancouver BC. Print. https://artspeak.ca/excerpt-from-bakers-dozen/

                “Thought Images for Sol Hashemi’s Technical Objects” Fata Morgana, p. 8-11, Belkin Gallery, Vancouver BC. Print.

                “Art Babies,” The Belkin x UBC CRWR Collab, Creative provocations, poetic responses, Vancouver, BC. Web.